Research Center for Sustainable Development –RCSD ,is the non-profit civil society organization established in 2020, by a group of energetic civil society youth volunteers in Karnali, the major objectives to improve access for livelihood of marginalized people through creating opportunities and delivery of quality services. It has sound administrative financial, digital in service system. It has a number of bylaws, policies and guidelines for the operation of the organization and activities. RCSD has endeavor its name and made significant achievements both on organizational development and program implementation on local governance; health sanitation and hygiene; climate change adaptation; promotion of renewable energy and biomass energy; conservation; biodiversity and forest; strengthening community based disaster risk management system, advocating GESI mainstreaming; adopting sustainable agriculture and livestock management and promotion of community forest-based enterprises. The vision of the organization is- strengthening system for conservation and localization- sustainable development Goals. It has covered working area in Karnali and Lumbini province.

Objectives :


To be always proactive to establish marginalized people’s rights by mitigating issues using the locally available resources.


To contribute to Create Equitable Society


To insist on organizational development by promoting economic, social, educational and political capacity of the target communities.